Tuesday, June 17, 2008

19: A Peek Inside My Classroom
(at the end of the year)

We're working on final projects now. The classroom is not hushed, but wild yet focused; we're working on our final project, a newsletter to rival the newsletter of the other sixth grade. Teachers drop in and out to contribute prizes; the winner will be announced next week. Everyone's intent on proving themselves better than the others, if not, in themselves, the best.

FS and CD are working on horoscopes together; I see this as an improvement for CD, who usually works alone, the better to escape and hide in his newest fantasy novel. FS is frustrated, since she prefers to work with girls, but she's trying.

TR and SA have been identified class artists. They're comfortable in the role and enjoy it. JR is the class photographer, and also my technology assistant. The boys - KR and AL - are interviewing teachers and staff at the school. MJ and MC are interviewing each other.

I'm sneaky. I've made the requirements reflect what we have discussed over the year. If you write a review, it has to be in essay form, with paragraphs, and a main idea and supporting points. Advice columns and horoscopes must have a theme. I differentiate by selecting jobs for some students. This is the end of the year; let them finish on a high note if they can. More importantly let them get excited about the coming end-of-year while still remaining focused.

I will miss my kids over the summer.

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