Monday, July 2, 2012

34: Monday July 2 Deaf Community News Roundup

Tidbits from news sites around the country.

Valley View, a unique residence for the deaf and deaf-blind, has been slated for closure, due to financial issues, despite spirited protest and speech by the population. Families are looking for alternative placement, a challenge for elderly citizens.

The Horn reports on the controversy surrounding the upcoming publication of a "Smutty Sign Language" book which apes ASL and common English cursing patterns.  Unknown at present whether the book will be presented under "Languages" or "Humor."

DeafMom interviews Ronnie Cuartero about his cross-country bike adventure. He's on the way to Iowa now.

ASL Books are all the rage as Pointy Three and other ASL books get written up around the country.

AllAfrica reports that the Kenyan Deaf team received a government sponsorship of roughly $15 million to attend the next World Deaf games.

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