Monday, March 25, 2013

Reframing alert: Sign Language Illiteracy

Fascinating article about Deaf people in Masaka in Uganda. Article blames lack of sign language literacy on the problems of local Deaf people:
Masaka district rehabilitation officer, Michael Miiro said that most deaf people in the area have not had the chance of being taught sign language in school. 
“We have schools teaching sign language, but in Masaka, there are only three which do so at primary level. There is none at secondary level,” he said.
I love this way of rephrasing it. It's interesting that there are few schools even in 2013 which actually teach and require ASL in a K-12 curriculum. Are American students growing up sign language illiterate?

Also of interest this week: an article by the Wall Street Journal looking at how disabled groups are fighting the rights of disabled consumers–to have equal independency on the Internet. Article mentions the National Association of the Deaf and its battle with Netflix. I'd love to see more partnership between the NAD and these groups to continue advocating for equal access for all. 

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