Friday, August 23, 2013

Deaf Nurse wins case; decides to work with deaf kids

I'm not surprised Jessica Wells won her discrimination case; Cox College should have given her interpreters. I'm also not surprised she left the field. She won her case, yes, after an appeal. When your own college betrays you like that, however, it changes your view of things.

Wells is now working with Deaf kids and attending another college. I highly hope she continues to pursue a nursing career; Wells clearly has a lot to offer. It makes me reflect, though. How many of us have tried one career or another and been disappointed because of the strength of people's discrimination? It feels like a betrayal: of the American Dream, of the promise of the ADA, of our own hard work and commitment. I have heard stories like this from Deaf men and women all over the world. Sometimes people fight back, yes, and that's wonderful – but we also get worn out, and that's when the support of our community – the support of people who understand – is extremely valuable.

Fight on, Jessica Wells. We're behind you.

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