Friday, September 6, 2013

Captioning on You bet - and it's awesome!

Two years ago nothing was captioned on PBS due to a "persistent captioning bug," as I wrote in an editorial for DeafEcho. Today the website is completely different - and if you have kids, or teach Deaf/Hard of Hearing students in schools, should be a regular stop in your search for teaching materials. In contrast to CNN's website, which we reviewed last week, it's now almost impossible for me to find anything WITHOUT captions on PBS! The captions are beautiful, the programs are interesting–and PBS should be lauded for their attention to detail and inclusion. GO TO and explore NOW!

Some videos of interest:
  • The March. Witness the compelling and dramatic story of the 1963 March on Washington, where Dr. Martin Luther King gave his stirring "I Have a Dream” speech. This watershed event in the Civil Rights Movement helped change the face of America. 
  • The Last Refuge. Will America have any pristine land left?
There's still one or two videos - particularly older videos - without captioning. If you find one of these, simply click on report a problem - the problem reporting system is simple and easy! Enjoy watching.

It's really nice to write a POSITIVE captioning review for once...

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J.J. said...

Thanks for the heads up! Also, I saw a captioned NFL video on Yahoo! today as well.