Friday, September 6, 2013

9•6•2013: Deaf News Roundup

Today: a followup on Michael Argenyi's lawsuit and other national and international Deaf news from the US, Scotland, South Africa and Zambia.
  • Michael Argenyi won his case! A federal district court in Omaha ruled that Creighton University violated the ADA by not providing this medical student what he needed to compete equally. We blogged about Michael's case and other medical issues here. This is the second in a line of medical education-related lawsuits Deaf people have won; Jessica Wells also won a lawsuit against her nursing program.
Also in the US:
From Scotland:  From South Africa:
  • Deaf Awareness Week begins. Read about the causes and thoughts of South African Deaf people. (Will coincide with the first international Deaf Cricket League.)
From Zambia: 

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